Article 5

See…had I started this article early last week I would have had to put all my good news in next weeks post. Luckily for me, I pushed this off and that was my golden ticket because timing is everything.
Okay so I haven’t been feeling fulfilled at my job. Im able to complete the work fine but my heart isn’t in it and I feel like somebody else would be better for the position, so I debated for a while and even though I didn’t have another job at the time, I put my two weeks in and I felt good about that move…so I settled in to this decision.I’m continuing taking steps toward being self employed and one thing I needed to do was get control of my schedule and my money so in the mean time I hear a club was hiring bottle girls. This was perfect timing because if I could snag a position, that could be a good little amount of money coming in. Turns out, I missed the casting call, it happen the week before and I was so frustrated..but I mean.. I chose to put in my two weeks before I had a solid position anywhere else so I really owe the frustration to myself.

I won’t lie though, as soon as I found out I missed that gig I was a little nervous because its like damn “ I’ll have a few more paychecks after my last day but I don’t have another job & I have xzy amount of bills & and I want to go on that trip…..etc..” So I decided to go home and on my way I remembered I had a application to turn in so I dropped it off and the manager said he’d call me. So..I mean that was cool. One for one so at least the day wasn’t a complete fail.

A few days goes by and I don’t get a call from the manager and I’m like dammnn man. But even through my doubt I knew I made the right decision as far as putting in my two weeks. I can’t get to where I want to be if I’m not entirely happy at the place I’m working for 8+ hours a day so it was a move I needed to make to better my internal health.

Any ways Friday rolls around and I’m thinking that since I still hadn’t heard back from the manager maybe I’ll offer my services to my job part time- that way I’d still be bringing in some money but I’d have more time in the day to put in applications and others things while still I transitioning out of that job.

My plan was to tell my boss about my idea after break but as soon as I clocked back in- he left for the day so that kinda sucked.

I got a call as soon as I came back from break but I couldn’t answer it so I listen to the voicemail on my way home. It was the manager and he called to offer me an official position! We didn’t even have an interview, we just had a nice little convo when I turned in my application and I he liked me enough to offer me a job!

This story is all to say that it’s important to make the decision that you feel is internally right for you. Bills will always be there, things will always need to get paid, but if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing then what’s the point in doing it?

Article 4

Over the past few weeks my thoughts have become really busy. A lot of the time I’m thinking about where I’d like to be and what steps I need to take to get there but other times, (in between the thoughts above) I’m just doing ‘mindless consumption’- a term I learned on a podcast the other day and it fits my feels perfectly.

Mindless consumption is scrolling, absorbing information but not really doing anything with the information- so if I’m not doing anything with this information this all these images cloud up my train of thought even when I’m not scrolling anymore. For example- I’ll go home from work with the intentions to give myself 20 minutes of chill time then I’ll start on my afternoon things (yoga, gym, class work etc) but 20 minutes turns into 30..then 40..then I look up and the clock says 5pm and its just like damn?! Ive been sitting here scrolling from Instagram to Facebook to twitter to snap, then back to Instagram ‘real quick’ to see if my muse posted a instagram story etc. That’s the shit that gets me- I get caught up in this comfort of looking at what everybody else is doing when I could be using that down time to do more research on my next steps. Or I could be learning new mantras- I could be practicing memorizing a few new yoga poses each day etc.

Its important to give yourself a certain amount of downtime after work because it helps separate different parts of the day/different parts of your day.

I realize that when I come home from work, I’m still thinking about work- and when I’m at work, I’m thinking about all the other things I wish I was doing instead of being at work (I can’t be the only one that does this) its frustrating to a point but it really just means that I need to do a better job at practicing my mindfulness- and when I realize that- which is usually pretty quick- I change my attention to my body. How my body is feeling, if I’m washing dishes I focus on the temperature of the water hitting my hands, I focus on the way my hands move, I focus on the spoon ring on my right index finger etc- and the more detail I focus on, the more I have control of my thoughts & if you can control those, then you’re in control.

So. It’s a daily practice & its an important skill and I want to get better at it bc all the stuff I mindlessly consume ends up coming up in my thoughts later in the day and I catch myself thinking about things completely unrelated to what I’m doing when I should be giving myself positive thoughts- self loving thoughts- confidence boosting thoughts based on the activity. So like for example- I was at the gym yesterday (I just got a new membership and I love it) so I was excited to workout – I finally made it to the gym after a “give-yourself-20 minutes-to-chill-then-change-into-your gym-clothes” (which turned into an hour). When I’m at the gym I’m constantly telling myself I look amazing. I feel amazing. My body is looking fantastic etc (and if you’re thinking- “that’s conceited” you have the wrong mindset) GO BACK TO ARTICLE 1. You get back what you put out- if I’m at the gym to improve my body- why would I tear myself apart the entire workout? No ma’am- I’m going build my confidence my entire workout because it pushes me and I feel good af when I leave the gym. Try it- I challenge you to that.

Article 3


Alright Article 3, let’s get it.

Earlier this week I was in the office of my apartment complex using the computer. I was in there for a minute alone then this woman came in and sat on the computer behind me. With the way the computer is angled I couldn’t see her face (there’s a glass wall that has a pretty strong reflection right in front of the computers so you can see what’s going on behind you, kinda). Anyways she’s gets on the phone and starts talking to somebody, telling them all about herself. Every detail of her business life and her resume was on point, like, yea. Then she starts asking questions to the person on the phone and all the questions were social media related.

Through context clues I made out that she was a social medial consultant and she was speaking to a girl who had her own make up line and was ready to turn it into a business and needed help with branding and promotion so she contacted said women. The girl posted a meme saying she was having a casting call- then she wrote a really long caption under it. The consultant said that people don’t really read these days, short attention span. Somebody else is always more alluring so people don’t pause long enough to read. So when posting an informative meme, don’t include a big ass caption.
So here I am three weeks into being so excited about starting these Articles it was like damn…she has a point but damn..
I’m not stopping these Articles, let’s get that straight. I’m actually going to add an audio clip of me reading each weekly Article to make it more convenient  for you to catch up with what I’m talking about while you’re scrolling through Instagram..kinda like a podcast-ish.

It will probably only take me a minute or two at the most to read each one, so, can you? Bc I would honestly appreciate that so much 🙂

Well…alright, thank you for reading/listing this far..