Article 7

Last Saturday it hit me that financially, I’m not where I want to be so I was a little stressed. I left one job because it wasn’t really meeting my fancy. Then I snagged a job at a bar, but that wasn’t really bringing in the money like I thought it was going to, so I applied for a positon I thought was guaranteed with another company. I’m mainly working in the evenings at the bar so I figured why not grab a job for the day time hours, keep working in the evenings, and just kill it working two jobs for a while.

So I applied for a job with a company who I had some connections with. I used to work for a company in affiliation with the company that I applied for, I had great references, I spent a good amount of time on the application, I set my intentions on getting the job all week. I called a left a voicemail for the hiring manager- I knew somebody who already worked for the company and who was putting a good word in for me in the office, I literally thought “how could I not get this?” then…a week later… I got an email from the company…

I didn’t get the job.

Plan B: Call the temp agency I’ve been working with an let them know I’m available and looking for a new position.  I called my team lead on Thursday- left her a message- she called me back as soon as I got to the gym but I missed the call. So I called her back- left another message. I hadn’t heard anything by Friday so I called the team leads, lead- left a voicemail. Didn’t get a call back. All weekend- this is on my mind and on Saturday I told my mom I was financially frustrated, but I’ve done what I could so I wouldn’t stress on it too much.

 Monday: I leave another voicemail for the agency-no response.

Tuesday: (morning) I get a call from my leads, lead “ I’ve got a job that fits your experience..” goes on to tell me more about the job and wants to know if I’m interested- “great, I’ll send them over your information”

Tuesday: (20 minutes later) “they’re interested in you- can you interview today?” me: “absolutely”

Tuesday: (afternoon) the interview goes incredibly well. “somebody will give you a call this afternoon with a few more interview questions, so be on the lookout for that…”

Tuesday: (driving home from interview) I receive a call- we speak for a few minutes and before I get off the phone I’ve been told I have the job and start the same week.

I had all the connections I needed & felt like I’d be great for the first positon I applied for- but it wasn’t meant to be. That door needed to close so Plan B’s door could open and the job fell right into my lap.

 Always have a few game plans.

Article 6

I guess I’ll just say be patient. And that’s a reminder to myself. Look this is what is it- I set a goal and I set a date I want it achieved by..(doing this creates urgency Aka affirmation action) well okay so I set that goal months ago and my date is only a few months away and I don’t exactly know where I thought I’d be come this time but I’m feeling impatient and irritated with where I am.
I left a job that was the highest paying job I ever had because I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and I wasn’t willing to grow with the company. I moved into a job that pays less but allows me more free time in my schedule to work towards micro goals (smaller things that need to get done in order to complete the actual goal) problem is that I’m realizing all my micro goals include money /paying things off…and my free time isn’t making me money so it’s like damn.

I saw an interview of a man, in a generation older than mine, speaking about millennials and how they’re impatient. Now I’m not actually considered a millennial bc those guys are 1995 babies, but it got me wondering where my patience went. But I guess it’s just the fact that the closer I get to the goal date I set, the more impatient I get because I know ‘self-set’ time is running out and I have things to get done.
But it is what it is…maybe I’ll get things done by my original goal date, or maybe I’ll need to push that date back I’ll go with which ever path isn’t forced. The easier the transition, the more ‘meant -to-be’ will happen. Smooth.