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On a daily basis, I sway on a thin line between being really open and honest with my go abouts and things and then on the other hand I wanna be mysterious and somehow build a following that way. In my head it made sense for years and seeing as Im here, typing this way, I guess I’ve chosen the side of the line where I’m gonna be pretty open with my life through these articles..alright cool. Better.

I am Libby. My actual first name is Libby-Elise, ive always been asked if its short for Olivia, or I have a major change in mindset lately, and by lately I mean for a solid 6 plus months now and its really fucking refreshing. ( if my mom reads this article, which I know shes going to bc shes supportive af- then shes going to say something about me saying the word ‘ fucking’- but now she might not lol) Back to my mindset. Its really damn refreshing to realize that the amount of effort you put out is all of the good energy that you’ll get in return..pause.. I I’ll rewind. I always knew I was suppose to work for myself, to create a brand, to help people in some way and I’d start things then half way finish them before I was on to the next project etc. It honestly took me some years to figure out that I needed a change of mindset and some new energy.I was reading different articles one night and I kept seeing people talking about a book that was the teachings of a universal law; law of attraction. And I know its lowkey a trend to be ‘woke’ these days..well woke or shook..everybodies shook these days smh..but, the law of attraction means that like attracts like: good thoughts, feelings attract more of that into your life and vice versa. Okay so the same works with energy. The energy you emit is the energy you’ll receive. So finally, after feeling kind of lost on my grind for so long I decided to buy the book and its done me so much good. First off, it feels so much better to feel good majority of the time you know what I mean. I’m not for drama, I’m not really for name calling or all that other shit bc why? That’s sooo much negativy energy I’d be emiting into the universe and its literally commenting me in those negative ass feelings. You get back what you put out.

Libby-Elise Bowman. Shorten it and you have lebowman, pronounced EL- E- BOWE-MAN. It is who I am, and as I evolve and change..grow, so will it, and honestly..I want people to know me better..feel more comfortable with me……

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