Article 2

I’m here at work thinking about things… I don’t want to be sitting at somebody else’s desk, at somebody else’s establishment, working for them. This isn’t to say that I’m not thankful and grateful to have a job but still..its always good to want better/more for yourself. I’m thinking through things while I’m mindlessly doing my morning work tasks, literally thinking in full detail about my personal life. Its like…okay, I made my logo three years ago, maybe four and I really haven’t done much with it..then I get frustrated that things aren’t father along than they are etc and its just like damn! Why tf have I not had this mindset this entire time…I was lazy for too long!..pisses me off honestly but now that I’m on my grind for good; its energizing.

I’m thinking about other stuff too though bc in order to have things flow smoothly, finances need to be handled appropriately. I have two loans I’m currently paying off so its probably smart to pay those off before I take out another loan for xyz. I have a lot up my sleeve for the very near future so I gotta make sure my coins are straight. It honestly feels super empowering to be on top of my shit. When I walk out of my room and look at a kitchen full of food I feel proud as hell of myself. Bills paid-check. Food in the fridge-check. Fresh laundry-check. Clean dishes-check. Vehicle check up to date-check. Money in the bank-check. Savvy little home in a safe quiet neighborhood-check… like yes, libby you go! Ah the 10 year old me would be proud.

On the other hand,I’m really hard on myself but its for good reason, its to keep myself learning and growing and moving through life properly (by my own standard of proper).I feel like a piece of shit when I’m just sitting..which isn’t good bc I need to remind myself of balance: balance of work and rest so rest is needed, rest is self-loving so I’ve gotta work on my mindset about that but you know….anyways.

People get so side tracked with everything in our face these days, so caught up in what everybody else is doing, saying, wearing, etc like chilllllll why are you so worried about them? You don’t control them; you control you-take care of you- worry about you. It sounds easy but people get so caught up in pointless shit then wonder why they aren’t farther in life…its all goes back to my first article talking about the energy you put out into the universe. That shits not a game. Its not a trend, it IS what it IS.

Branching off from ” worry about you”: make sure you’re doing what makes you happy majority of your day and if you’re not currently where you want to be then i hope you’re at least making plans, writing notes, learning, reading, and seeing what you need to do to get you where you want to be because your overall happiness is so important. ” A writer writes. If you want to be a writer, write.” and its thats simple.

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