Article 3


Alright Article 3, let’s get it.

Earlier this week I was in the office of my apartment complex using the computer. I was in there for a minute alone then this woman came in and sat on the computer behind me. With the way the computer is angled I couldn’t see her face (there’s a glass wall that has a pretty strong reflection right in front of the computers so you can see what’s going on behind you, kinda). Anyways she’s gets on the phone and starts talking to somebody, telling them all about herself. Every detail of her business life and her resume was on point, like, yea. Then she starts asking questions to the person on the phone and all the questions were social media related.

Through context clues I made out that she was a social medial consultant and she was speaking to a girl who had her own make up line and was ready to turn it into a business and needed help with branding and promotion so she contacted said women. The girl posted a meme saying she was having a casting call- then she wrote a really long caption under it. The consultant said that people don’t really read these days, short attention span. Somebody else is always more alluring so people don’t pause long enough to read. So when posting an informative meme, don’t include a big ass caption.
So here I am three weeks into being so excited about starting these Articles it was like damn…she has a point but damn..
I’m not stopping these Articles, let’s get that straight. I’m actually going to add an audio clip of me reading each weekly Article to make it more convenient  for you to catch up with what I’m talking about while you’re scrolling through Instagram..kinda like a podcast-ish.

It will probably only take me a minute or two at the most to read each one, so, can you? Bc I would honestly appreciate that so much 🙂

Well…alright, thank you for reading/listing this far..

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