Article 7

Last Saturday it hit me that financially, I’m not where I want to be so I was a little stressed. I left one job because it wasn’t really meeting my fancy. Then I snagged a job at a bar, but that wasn’t really bringing in the money like I thought it was going to, so I applied for a positon I thought was guaranteed with another company. I’m mainly working in the evenings at the bar so I figured why not grab a job for the day time hours, keep working in the evenings, and just kill it working two jobs for a while.

So I applied for a job with a company who I had some connections with. I used to work for a company in affiliation with the company that I applied for, I had great references, I spent a good amount of time on the application, I set my intentions on getting the job all week. I called a left a voicemail for the hiring manager- I knew somebody who already worked for the company and who was putting a good word in for me in the office, I literally thought “how could I not get this?” then…a week later… I got an email from the company…

I didn’t get the job.

Plan B: Call the temp agency I’ve been working with an let them know I’m available and looking for a new position.  I called my team lead on Thursday- left her a message- she called me back as soon as I got to the gym but I missed the call. So I called her back- left another message. I hadn’t heard anything by Friday so I called the team leads, lead- left a voicemail. Didn’t get a call back. All weekend- this is on my mind and on Saturday I told my mom I was financially frustrated, but I’ve done what I could so I wouldn’t stress on it too much.

 Monday: I leave another voicemail for the agency-no response.

Tuesday: (morning) I get a call from my leads, lead “ I’ve got a job that fits your experience..” goes on to tell me more about the job and wants to know if I’m interested- “great, I’ll send them over your information”

Tuesday: (20 minutes later) “they’re interested in you- can you interview today?” me: “absolutely”

Tuesday: (afternoon) the interview goes incredibly well. “somebody will give you a call this afternoon with a few more interview questions, so be on the lookout for that…”

Tuesday: (driving home from interview) I receive a call- we speak for a few minutes and before I get off the phone I’ve been told I have the job and start the same week.

I had all the connections I needed & felt like I’d be great for the first positon I applied for- but it wasn’t meant to be. That door needed to close so Plan B’s door could open and the job fell right into my lap.

 Always have a few game plans.

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