Daily Face (updated)

Currently I work at a café for a couple of days each week as a dishwasher and since I practically get a steam facial every time I open the dishwasher; I don’t really see a point in wearing make up to work but every now and then I like to get a little dolled up. The prices for make up in Australia are incredibly high due to the fact that everything is imported. I was walking around Target one day and I saw that mascara was almost $19!! Can you believe that- $19 for mascara and back home its like $5 and I think THAT’S expensive! LOL so that’s another reason why I’ve limited my make up wearing days. But on the days that I like to wear a lil sum sum, I’ll stick to these products:


This is my go-to look because it’s simple; I don’t use many products, and its quick- three great things! And between you and me, I’ve tried doing smokey eyes, different types of winged liners, bold lips, perfect contours and it just doesn’t work! As hard as I’ve tried, and with as many YouTube tutorials as I’ve watched, you’d think I’d be a pro, but I just don’t have that professional eye…or a steady enough hand. Talent takes time so we’ll see if at some point I can turn my simple every day make up looking into the perfect run way look but for now-this works for me!


Making it to Australia

Making it to Australia

Our flight left at 710am Wednesday morning with a quick one-hour layover in Denver, Colorado and then we made our way to Los Angeles, California for a twelve-hour layover. I was kind of dreading the huge lay over in LAX Airport but we made the most of it! As soon as we got off the plane we both agreed that it was time to get some food, and seeing as LA is home of In-N-Out Burgers, it was only right to try to find the closest one. Good news for us, there was one that was only about a mile away; slight problem though, my carry on bag was 20lbs plus I was loaded down with a backpack. Schuyler also had a hefty amount of luggage but the map on his phone showed that it wasn’t too long of a walk, so we collected our luggage and made our way to In-N-Out.
I didn’t think a mile was that far but carrying luggage, plus wearing a jeans jacket, leggings, and a hat, ya girl was sweating; it seemed like the longest walk ever! When we finally made it to In-N-Out, it was, as expected, packed.; so not only did we have to maneuver our way through the restaurant to find the end of the line, we also had to make sure we didn’t bump into anybody with our luggage!!
I ended up ordering a cheese burger, fries, and a chocolate shake and I’ll admit, it wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be. I mean it was filling and seeing as we hadn’t eaten since seven that morning I would have eaten anything at that point but I mean… it was cool; nothing special about it but the price wasn’t bad, I was about to get my meal of a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake for under $6.
After eating and catching our breath a bit, we both agreed to get a taxi to take us back to the airport. We walked out the main street and we saw just about every type of car, bus, and truck out there, but no taxi which was odd because we saw at least a taxi a minute when we originally walked to In-N-Out, so we decided to walk back to the airport.
Because we left the airport we had to go through security again and sitting right outside of security, in a handicap section was the one and only George Foreman! He was sitting alone, people watching, I was surprised that he didn’t have a ton of people around him but he seemed to be content. I gave him a smile, he gave me one in returned and then I proceeded to go through security.
Once we made it to our terminal we had about six hours to kill, so we just chilled. Two girls in their 20’s sat near us and we heard that they had Australian accents so we made friends with them. They were returned home (to Sydney) after a three-month vacation of traveling to 11 different countries! It was so awesome to hear their stories.
Toward the end of our 12-hour layover we were both just about dead but our plane was one time and we were able to get to our seats just fine. Our plane was an air bus which means it had two levels and each level had three rows, it was very nice. Each seat had a television built into the headrest of the seat behind it and it was full of unlimited games, movies and television shows. We were also served a three-course dinner meal, which consisted of crackers and cheese as an appetizer, meat loaf, steamed vegetables, bread and sweet potatoes for dinner, and raspberry sorbet for desert.

xo LE

Bean Boozeled Challenge!!

Hey homies! Back at cha with another challenge video featuring my youngest brother Nash!! If you haven’t seen this challenge before then I’ll give you the run down. I purchased my Jelly Beans on Amazon- a pack of four cost only about $8 and one pack is $4 so I figured it was a better deal to purchases more than one pack if I decided to do the challenge with numerous friends. As usual, the box is filled with colorful jelly beans, there are two of ever color- color is delicious, the other is disgusting- but sometimes there are THREE of every color so its really a guessing game! Although we failed at completing the challenge, we had a blast!!!

xo LE

Blonde Hair Update!!

Is this the first picture I’ve uploaded with blonde hair?! WOAH!! What do you think? Different huh?! I’ve had my hair this color for about a month and I have gotten so many questions about how I keep my hair blonde and what products/styling products I use; so, I figured it would be a perfect time to answer some questions while I touch up my roots!


xo LE

My Go-To Smoothie Recipe



Picture this – Its early in the morning before work and it took everything out of you to get up and get dressed; theres no way you have time to make breakfast, but you’re starving..what do you do? Preplan!!! Recently I’ve been loving this smoothie and it was something I just kind of created  and it only takes a couple minutes to make a couple of servings so its super easy to make the night before a busy day/week!

I’ve been trying to make it to the gym lately because I’m on a mission to gain lean muscle but going to the gym isn’t the only way to get your body right and tight, another huge rule is eating the correct amount of protein each day. If heard that if you’re trying to gain muscle, then you should intake the same amount of grams of protein as your body weight on a daily basis. Example: I weigh around 130lbs so I need to take in about 130gs of protein each day.

What you’ll need:(measurements are for a full size blender)

2 cups of plain Greek Yogurt (44g of protein!)
2 tbsp of honey (optional for taste/sweetener)
1 cup fresh blueberries
3 cups frozen assorted fruit (my mix was full of peaches-grapes-strawberries & melon)
1/4 cup of fresh blueberries
Add enough milk of your choice to cover almost all of the fruit- (if you want a shake-like consistency, less milk is key- if you want a smoothie-like consistency more milk is key).

Pour & Enjoy!!


Gym Must Haves



 I’ve seen so many posts about different brands coming out with new active wear, and I wont lie, its usually cute as sh*t ! Brightly colors nylon leggings, form fitting sports bras, super cute running shoes, and some brands have even come out with water bottles with catchy slogans on them!

As a consumer these types of visual aesthetics appeal to me however there is something about these types of lines that will hold me back…the prices! (even though some of them are actually pretty affordable, I’m stingy when it comes to spending money on ‘extras’) I mean lets be real, looking good/cute is always a plus but feelings nice and comfortable is what matters the most to me, especially if I’m at the gym. When I’m feeling energetic and ready to pump some iron my outfits are one of these:

1) black leggings- loose tshirt/sweat shirt- hat

2) black shorts- loose tshirt/swear shirt- hat

I purchased a gym membership on my own so naturally (at least for me) I felt a little bit awkward walking into a gym full of new faces and even stranger equipment; those damn diagrams on the machines only help so much (usually not at all); so from my first day and every day since, I’ve worn a hat to the gym.

I feel protected and it feels like my hat allows me to block everybody out so that I can focus on what I’m doing; it gives me a level of comfort, same with my gym clothing. When I’m at the gym, I’m not trying to grab attention- just trying to blend in and get my workout on!

Do you like to stand out or blend in at the gym?

xo LE